About Ali Bee

Not Drowning But Second Waving.


I have written songs most of my adult life. Having been gifted a crappy guitar in my teens and not learned to play, I finally started learning and writing songs in my 20’s when my first long term relationship broke down. This was closely followed by playing round the local pubs in my home town, after losing a talent competition to a drunken hymn singer, and eventually putting a blues band together with my 2nd long term partner.

During the time I was playing round the local pubs, doing a mixture of Irish Pub Folk, some pop and some of my own songs as they were written I also became involved with the local Women’s Aid organisation and volunteered in the refuge and helped set up a charity shop. I met some great women and the discussion and women only get-togethers informed my song writing.

Sadly I drifted away from feminism, for various reasons, though I kept singing in bands for 20 years and writing blues songs. During this time I also moved from Northern Ireland, where I had lived since I was 15 back to the mainland where I ended up in Norfolk, with a brief foray to Nottinghamshire.

A few years ago my eldest daughter made me a Facebook account. I swore I would never use it, but eventually was persuaded. I also started reading discussion forums, where, in one, I was called cis and told my opinion that biology is real, was exclusionary. I’d never heard the term ‘cis’ before so I googled it and was astonished to read that women were now considered to be the oppressors of some males who had decided they could be women. My reaction was pretty much, WTF? And, we have to do something!

My googling of cis also led me to the wonderful web site of GallusMag. https://gendertrender.wordpress.com

GenderTrender gave me plenty to read and think about and I joined some online feminist groups and followed links and made contacts, getting kicked out of more than one supposedly feminist group for not focusing on men and men pretending to be women, which led me to finding wonderful radical women and groups, which saved my sanity a little.

The first song in this book, ‘Whole Women’, was written after a march in America, in 2012, was blogged about by Cathy Brennan and GallusMag and discussed in various groups on Facebook. The march was a dyke march but there were many trans m2t (male bodied people who declare they are women) on the march and they were carrying banners that declared they were the ‘hole-y army’. I was furious that women were reduced to nothing but ‘holes’ and so the song was born.

The other songs followed on, born from the craziness of the trans agenda, the silencing of women who speak up about it and the roll back of women’s rights worldwide.

All of the songs that are about trans use information that I have seen on the internet about what they say about themselves and about women. None of it is made up.

I hope you enjoy the songs and sing the songs. In the great tradition of folk songs, I hope they gain a life of their own. But eventually I’d like to hope that they become a part of history, where women can look back on them and say times were crazy in the early 21st but that’s all sorted out now. I won’t be holding my breath though.


In Sisterhood,

Ali Bee.