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Honest and Funny

If Ali had produced an album consisting solely of her righteously angry folk tracks, that would be enough to earn her a place in the feminist musical canon, but her real gift is her comedic skill. Songs such as "He Wears a Fedora" - by far my favorite track on this album - "Just Cells," and "Coming to a Gym Near You" address real contemporary feminist issues in an unflinchingly honest voice, while still managing to be funny, catchy songs. "Just Cells," in particular, will get stuck in your head, and you might very well find yourself inadvertently singing it in public!

by Sarah Barr Fraas on Not Drowning, But Second Waving
a must listen for any angry womyn!

Ali is a wonderful, kind, wickedly smart and hilarious woman, and her music is right in line with her spirit. This album gave me the strength I needed to raise my voice against male domination in all its (right, left) forms. She covers a variety of feminist issue with wit, grace, and a fearlessness I think all women hope to cultivate. Many are quite catchy too which isn't always what you find with radical lesbian/feminist folk!

Awesome album!

Radical and riveting. Ali Bee is a great singer-songwriter with a ton of talent. The songs are engaging, relevant, and a pleasure to listen to. Her voice is unique and works wonderfully with the biting nature of the lyrics she sings. I only wish I could see her perform live!


After meeting Ali last year and hearing her play in person, I ordered her CD 'Not Drowning, But Second Waving' and was not disappointed. Ali is a very talented song writer and a strong vocalist whose passion and wit shine through in her music. A must for any radical feminist!

by Parker Wolf / BigBooButch on Not Drowning, But Second Waving
Fuck the Patriarchy!!

Great, great album! Ali's music is so filled w/truth, she has so much of her soul present in each track that each song speaks to me in myriad ways! I was trying to keep track of my favorite songs, but I was writing down track after track, until it became clear that each song was my favorite!!Tbh, this really reminds me of the Indigo Girls - but I'm talking very early IG, like their first & second albums (Strange Fire & self titled), you know, that soulful, angry truth, the poetry put to music, the raw power that holds your ears captive, track after track!I am glad to know Ali & her music - & I highly recommend this collection of songs to all of my sisters!!

ali bee is best

smart and funny. snarky and poignant. cleverly written and beautifully sung.

Bloody brilliant!

As funny as it is clever, Ali Bee brings to music the hardships women face in today's world. This CD is exactly what every woman needs!

Witty Lyrics

Very witty and entertaining. Strong vocals.

If You Don't Buy This Album Frankly You're A Moron

I hate and find a problem with everything and I mean everything. I am constantly miserable but too lazy to kill myself. Jamming out, blasting this, dancing naked in my room has not only given me back a part of myself, if only momentarily, that I somehow lost in the misery but it is literally the first thing my THERAPIST AND I decided to put on my list of "coping skills." THAT'S RIGHT. THIS ALBUM MAKES YOU FEEL SO GOOD IT'S FUCKIN' THERAPIST RECOMMENDED. AND IT WORKS. THIS MISERABLE SACK OF SHIT GUARANTEES IT! 😛 You almost CAN'T feel bad to some of these songs! This woman knows how to heal a heart, a soul, a body, and a spirit with her brilliant lyricism, her catchy perfectly timed everything musical (i wish i could say this better i know nothing about music as far as im concerned musicians are magic), her humor, and her realness. If the weight of the world is crushing you and you want to die I BEG you first dance naked to this cd and consider making it the rest of the day. The more often you do this the more easily you can escape into healthy musical Goddess land as opposed to other harmful routes of escape most of us chose every day. If you buy this you are Smart and Cool, but if you don't you will die in 7 I wouldn't risk it. 😛

I absolutely love these passionate and beautifully crafted protest songs. There is a big need for woman-centred music that is unapologetic in expressing the rage that we feel towards patriarchal oppression and also the hope of sisterhood. Thank you Ali!

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